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Support Ticket Unanswered

It has been 6 days since I placed a support ticket for the suction/grip not working as described. It is simply a mug, nothing special about it. I have still not heard from the customer service (which it states upon submitting the support ticket, you shall hear back within 24 hours in most cases) - I figured after 3 days, I wasn't most cases, but now we are on 6 (tomorrow makes 7) and nothing!. Terrible customer service!

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I've also heard no reply. I've emailed 3 times with a complaint that my lid broke after less than 3 months and no response. 

...and yet they seem to have no problems sending endless pushy adverts to clog your Inbox! >:(

Really bad experience with the Support!!!

They don't answer to our tickets...

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It's outrageous.. And they are even doing a new Kickstarter Campaign.. This is what upsets me even more.. They don't give a single crap about the people who bought (and didn't receive) and release a new campaign.... This is ridiculous

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I'm waiting 5 days for your reply to #9459 ticket........

35 days and counting for me.
I had to give up. Whenever they replied my ticket, they said "sorry, NOW we're sending the mugs" and all they did was create a tracking number on FedEx, but they never really send it. They like to do that only to make you wait more like a fool. But they NEVER send it... I contacted FedEx at least 3 times (one per tracking number) and after some days they said that the package was never sent to FedEx . They even had the audacity to say that the reason they were not answering the tickets was due to some sort of exceeded volume of shipments they were handling, or something. I had to file a dispute on PayPal to get my money back. I still want the mugs, but I'll probably have to buy from some other, and more serious, site
Going on day 5 with no response about the grip not working on a brand new mug. I just submitted another ticket

Impressive how it has been 10 months since this topic was open and people still have the same problems.

I have a ticket in "processing" status for 11 days.

Wow I sent one on the 10th and have heard nothing. But man 47 days that is crazy.

Never received my product and can't get ahold of anyone no response to my ticket total BS if i can't get the cup or refund. legal action neeeds to be taken
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