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orders from other countries....

I am from the you accept orders from where i'm at?i work at a BPO and this is a must have for me... :) What do others think?

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I want to resell your item, can you please supply us in the philippines, there are lot of call centers here,.you get good business here. I to be sales person


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(UPDATE) I received my 2 migthy mugs , works perfectly (the smaller mug works better than the tall mug). I was worried since all the negative comments and no reply to my ticket for invalid tracking number, they need to upgrade their customer service but i received my mugs a week after i ordered and im from canada. 

Hey! I have the same problem It's been more than 2 months now since I made my order... I'm from Mexico, Does anybody have information?

Same here, tracking number doesnt work and cant have any answer for the ticket wrote, worst customer service i ever experienced.

The same happened with me , the track number doesn't work , and I wrote to the 4 days ago and there is no answer

Haven't received mine as well. Ordered last February 5, 2015. Exactly 1 month now and no product arrived!

Yeah,the tracking doesn't work. because the FedEx is unable to provide shipping details for this service level.

So don't worry the package will send to your country.but your Customs will check your package and National Tax Administration will charge tax (In Taiwan that charge me expensive...)

@許庭瑋 In my order, I informed the adress and the phone number as it is here im Brazil. I know that I have to informe this way, because the product is shipped to Brazil and then here they know how to find me. But the problem is that tracking code doesn't work and no one here answer our complaint.

Today, I got the mighty mug. The next paragraph I will share my experience is ture.

I'm from Taiwan and my English is not good.When I bought the mighty mug I used debit card and wrote the chinese and local phone number.
after 10days...15days....20days I still get the product untill now.

Before you buy it , you should check your international address and phone number.
Your international address and phone number can ask local post office.

Watch out don't use google map address the Fedex and your country can't find your address.
It's happened to me , exist the turth.
I will continue to buy it .The product is so amaze .

This is my order #MM2869

(If some people don't believe me you can call my skype lazyzak )

Please return my money since I did not recieve my order, be responsible enough for your customer here!

Same problem here! Its a scam!

Let's make a lot of complain in facebook and twitter, so others person will not fall out in this!

I've bought my in January, and yet nothing!


We all facing the same...they just gave us fake tracking no and enjoy our money...ignore our ticket...

This is pathetic, I have requested refund for this, they have not replied to me at all, no answer from them, terrible business, I have opened 2 tickets with them its been more then a month and a half and still have not received anything from them. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS GUYS, THEY ARE TERRIBLE AT DOING BUSSINESS.


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