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Order not sent

Hi friend


Have not sent me my number guide and got a number of order and not apply my coupon COUPON MIGHTYREG20 order number MM3383 wrote to you and they would answer and has over 20 days and I have not received any reviews of you can help me please, thank you best regards.

Thank you.

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el pedido tardó un mes en llegar pero si llego. no se preocupen. eso si tienen muy mal servicio por que no contestan los mails y el numero de tracking era incorrecto y nunca pude ver donde iba mi paquete. pero repito no se preocupen si llego el paquete y en buenas condiciones.

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my order num is MM3944 and its been a month now, Is there anyway I could track it down? I ordered 7 mugs :(

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Waiting 4 months!!!! No packet!

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hello! i have an order and the tracking number is invalid, i need the correct tracking number


Me too my order no. Doesn't work and no response from them!

Same problem, wrong ticket , wrong tracking no. no answer

alguno de los que esta reclamando de que no le llegaba la taza. después de un tiempo les llego o simplemente nunca llego ????

Hello My order no #MM3874 not received and my tracking not working pleas help me as soon as posible Thank you.
I am experience the same thing. I order a mug this past january 7th and nothing. I reach them by a ticket and somebody after a week say that my order will be shipped during the next week. I been waiting and puting 2 Other tickets but nothing. Somebody knows what is going on? Best

Do you deliver it now, I have same case and they didn't answer to my my ticket also.

I really get disappointed from the mug from now and now I think that it's kind of fraud !!

this the usual attitude from such unhonest company that either not responding to customers nor making sure about customer satisfactions just take your money no prove that they sent your items than 1,2.,3 up to 4 or more months without receiving any item and if you ask about refund they will cut "shipping cost" where the item may be not sent at all.

I start a hashtag on twitter to Warning about this company as they cut from my money on refund after waiting without any response.

also they ignoring me here tell I start asking them on twitter then they start asking about my tickets number and start monitoring it.

share your experience on hashtag #doNotBuyMightyMug  

I'm facing the same shit. No replys and invalid tracking number.
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