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keeping coffee hot

Which model of the mighty mug keeps coffee hot for a longer time.. I have two of them, one metal and one plastic and they are luke warm in no time

I bought 2 of them, one for me and one for my wife. My, larger one, seems to keep coffee warm for a long time, 6 hours or more. Whereas my wifes doesn't keep coffee warm for any more than an hour or so.

I agree. I even got into the habit of filling my large MM with very hot tap water to "pre-heat" before filling with 190 degree coffee. It doesn't help. My coffee is luke warm within an hour. I have a Cuisinart coffee traveler that is awesome at keeping coffee hot. I can fill it before work in the morning and it's still nearly hot at noon. Seriously impressed at that. It doesn't hold as much as the MightyMug which is why  I bought the MM. The anti-tip was just an added benefit. 

I want to be able to put them in the microwave!! I just asked the question are they really not safe or is that just a suggestion not too (plastic ones of corse) .
I have a mighty mug go and im lucky if my coffee stays hot or even warm for upto an hour.
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