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orders from other countries....

I am from the you accept orders from where i'm at?i work at a BPO and this is a must have for me... :) What do others think?

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Haven't received mine as well. Ordered last February 5, 2015. Exactly 1 month now and no product arrived!

The same happened with me , the track number doesn't work , and I wrote to the 4 days ago and there is no answer

Same here, tracking number doesnt work and cant have any answer for the ticket wrote, worst customer service i ever experienced.

Hey! I have the same problem It's been more than 2 months now since I made my order... I'm from Mexico, Does anybody have information?

(UPDATE) I received my 2 migthy mugs , works perfectly (the smaller mug works better than the tall mug). I was worried since all the negative comments and no reply to my ticket for invalid tracking number, they need to upgrade their customer service but i received my mugs a week after i ordered and im from canada. 


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I want to resell your item, can you please supply us in the philippines, there are lot of call centers here,.you get good business here. I to be sales person
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