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the inside of my mug is rusted

the mug is stainless steel why does the inside of a $25.00 mug rust?

4 people have this problem

IS this true ? any reply from Mighty Mug ? I just bought 2 SS Mugs  :-(

I entered a ticket with Mighty Mug and they replied within a few days. They said they'd replace the mug and send me a free return label- it's been over one month and I haven't heard anything from them. I've contacted them on 4 separate occasions, they don't have a phone number to call so it makes it nearly impossible to contact them. I'm going to take my mug back to bed bath and beyond and see if they can replace it for me. Then I'm contacting the better business bureau about this company. My suggestion to you- if you haven't opened your mugs yet- return them!

I have had a similar experience.  Opened a ticket on Jan 29th with no response yet.  I think I will wait a total of two weeks (two days left) for their response.  Then, In addition to contacting the BBB, I will, and recommend that everyone else, post their reviews on sites such as Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon.  Everyone that is about to purchase one of these should know about the experience that people have gone through.  Maybe if they start getting enough negative publicity, they may start to take care of their customers.

Your are so lucky because I didn;t get my mighty mug .

no answer , no product and no reply

they only get the money so fast

I have a same problem :(


same here. waiting to hear back from them. 

i just ordered. they gave me a tracking no that comes up invalid. set up a ticket and yet to get reply.


I have the same problem. I got a support ticket 39 days ago!! Haven't heard back from them. So disappointed, I loved the mug but can't use it now. 

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