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The Lousiest customer service ever !!!

I bought ( ordered and paid ) a mighty mug for delivery to a friend in Illinois who would be hand carrying the item to me in the Philippines. I paid $8 for the shipment within the US . I ordered on January 12, 2015. My friends schedule to fly out January 27.... Enough time right ? A big no!!! They promptly acknowledged my order and payment and gave me a tracking number having pre informed USPS of the pending parcel. It was supposed to arrive within 2days . My friend informed me it still hadnt arrived on the 17th . I opened 2tickets, no response until now , no update, no nothing . Notice, they didn't post a phone number you can call. My friend has since left and arrived here with no mighty mug . I have filed for chargeback due to non delivery with my card comoany for full refund. Until now not even a squeak or response from Mighty mug ! The lousiest customer service !!!

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35 days and counting. I was originally told they would address my issue within 24 hours (bottom disk no longer stays attached to mug). When I lift the mug straight up, the disk stays stuck to the table. I've sent two follow up replies under the same ticket and still no response. I guess I will have to go back to bed bath and beyond without receipt and hope they take it back.
Guess I will try returning it to Bed Bath and Beyond...

Yep-3 emails later and they've never responded to me either. Broken lid on my new mug.

Wow, I guess I'm not alone - I thought they would like to know that the bottom of the mug doesn't work, but it's been 8 days with no answer. I don't think anyone monitors the account...
Guys, I'm from Brazil and I've just received my package. Finally. I bought it on Feb 6th, so, 1 month and 20 days. I just want to share this information with you. I think It might help you.
And, yes, I have sent lots of emails and got no response.

well, lets enjoy the Mighty Mug now.


More than 2 months!!!!

35 days and counting. No response.
same here... no phone number.. I´m a little bit suspicious about it.


Complain to your card company for refund due to non delivery .

Me too

They simply take your money and ignore you!!!

I will never buy anything from MightMug again!!!!

(p.s. they still havent replied me and my order was over 15 days......)

Same here. My tracking number is invalid. I opened a ticket 5 days ago but no response yet. Shame on you mightymug CRM


Funny, now i get an email again that my order has been shipped and on tracking , the item has bern delivered to my friends housevon Feb 5. But i already cancelled my order and demanded regund in my trouble ticket,. I paid for 2day delivery las jan 13 and ddnt get it. Im not paying for this 20day delayed delivery !

Same here ! I ordered and i havent recieved it in Egypt and the status on their website says " fulfilled " !! 

And no-one is replying my emails!


I purchased the mug at Bed Bath and Beyond- I went yesterday and without question, packaging or receipt, they exchanged it for me. I'm still not happy with mighty mug and I think I will contact the BB bureau
I absolutely agree with you! I have been contacting mighty mug about a rusty mug for over one month now! They replied immediately saying they'd be more than happy to replace it and send me a prepaid label to ship back the damaged mug. I've since contacted them 3 additional times with no response. They're customer service is horrible!! Not worth the time and money! Buyer beware!!

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