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Sticker removal

When I got the mug, I wanted to remove the sticker on the bottom that says to hand wash only. I tried everything possible to remove this sticker. I ended up with a sticky mess and a scratched mug. I don't use the mug now because of the sticky mess on the bottom of it that I can't seem to get off. Also, I had it all of two days and now even if by some miracle I get the sticky stuff off it, it's left with scratches. I was so excited to receive the mug, and now disappointed that I can't use it!

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The sticker is a giant pain in the ass. I got most of it off by picking at it. Then I used Goo Gone which dissolves adhesive to get the rest off. It took several tries.

Guys try the soap... it always work

I know it's ridiculous! The same thing happened to me.

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