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Support Ticket Unanswered

It has been 6 days since I placed a support ticket for the suction/grip not working as described. It is simply a mug, nothing special about it. I have still not heard from the customer service (which it states upon submitting the support ticket, you shall hear back within 24 hours in most cases) - I figured after 3 days, I wasn't most cases, but now we are on 6 (tomorrow makes 7) and nothing!. Terrible customer service!

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I have a ticket unanswered from a month ago, I can't buy another mighty mug ( i just want another one ) but they do not accept my zip code at all...

did you get an answer in the end? - I've been waiting for 10 days now (with the same problem of the cup suction not working) and have heard zilch! - I'm quietly fuming away here...


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I'm going on 35 days unanswered.
...I'm still waiting! - 23 days and counting... does anyone know if there is something we can do? Some international internet consumer rights organisation that can deal with this?


Me too... (8 days)

The Mighty Mug's support is very terrible..

I have been very disappointed in the service!!!!!!! I wrote a complaint 13 days ago and NO RESPONSE. I have worked with the public 21 years and if I did not respond to my customers I would no longer have a job.

More than 2 months waiting guys! This is FRAUD!

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1 month and not a syllable from them!


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They really did just take the money and ran!

47 days no answer. Next......Better Business Bureau!

47 days, no answer!!!!  This is after I sent the receipt AND the 100% satisfaction guarantee!  Next...Better Business Bureau!

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It has been 39 days and still no reply!! I don't live in the US. Those who do, what are our other options??

I do live in the US and options aren't much better other than spreading the word!

Can't we lodge a complaint somewhere? Some consumer department etc?

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