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my order

i havent received my order. how long does it take to ship to singapore?

also my tracking number won't work. 

no response from your customer service as well. please reply asap.

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I am having the exact issue. Tracking number doesn't work and no response from customer service.

same here... tracking code invalid

the same problem here!

At last i received my mugs,1 month later :)


The same issue here too! Order #MM2468 On January 20 I've ordered... It's 4th of April now, yet nothing.
(73.5 KB)
Order #MM2468 I still haven't received my order. The same problem! Tracking code also invalid!
One month and counting! They sayd 2-4 weeks... Well, i'm in the fifth week and i have no idea where is my mug.

Same issue !! I think it's kind of fraud here !

Finally i receive my order! Thanks!

it's been 2 months and i didn't receive it so far. order since March 5, 2015. anything that can be done???

alguien que este reclamando por que no le llega la taza después de 1 mes, le llego la taza después de reclamar ??

Its been over 24 hours, since they stated they would contact me, I am still waiting. The most recent posting, states "In process".

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