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i bought it september 2015, but they didnt send me, better said the address was wrong, but its corrrectly.... so can i change the address??? cause i live in another country.......i cant wait.... im really bored..

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Hy You send IT in 19/1/2016,but i did 't receve IT i don't know where is it,can you help me please #MM7251
My order is showing not done. I put my order# and it says it's wrong. I want my money back or I need to know how to contact someone

Hi Toni, 

 Some additional information is required by our team for your order, when possible, please respond back to the email sent to you on the 8th. So we may proceed to ship your order out. 

 Looking forward to your response. Thank you. 

Order #20560 - I also have not received my order! I sent a number of follow up ticket requests, but got no responses. I even later found that the ticket was CLOSED EVEN THOUGH NO ONE RESPONDED! This is unacceptable. I demand an update on my ticket and a delivery tracking number!

I am faced with the same problem. This is unbelievable !

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