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Emails fail and ticket unanswered

I purchased several mighty mugs using PayPal, and after receiving a confirmation from Mighty Mugs, a confirmation from PayPal, and a confirmation from my credit card company, some hours later I received an email from mighty mugs saying they need my personal information to proceed or my order will be cancelled.

I replied to the email, and received a "Mail Delivery Subsystem Error: The email account that you tried to reach does not exist"

I attempted this multiple times (replying and manually entering the email address), but the result was the same.

I opened up a ticket over 4 days ago to raise the issue, and ask that someone contact me, but my ticket still has not been processed.

I do not know how to contact this merchant to lead to resolution.

Please check your open tickets and respond.


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The exact same thing happened to me. I keep opening new tickets. I do, however, get responses saying to reply to the email... Which keeps getting rejected when I reply. Looks like we are all going to have to do charge backs as their customer service is piss poor.
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