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No fulfillment after 18 days

I had bought cups 25 November.

They are still not sended.

I gave all additional information, that seller asked me. And no reaction.

I asked to made refund - and still no answer.

I wrote at official Facebook page - nothing.

I create three (!!!) support tickets - and everybody ignore me.

I can not understand, is that normal?

What can I do else? Can SOMEBODY help me?

My tickets:

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I have the same problem. No contact of any sort for a week now after i placed my order and had money taken/stolen. I wouldn't even mind cancelling my order if there was a way and just buy it from a third party seller.

Ok I see now this is their common practice.  Contacted them 14 days ago the bottom fell out of my mug.  No response at all to date.  I will cut my losses right here and now.  

Finally, cups are sended, and I got tracking number.

It took 21 days after payment. Slowest service ever.

I wish I read all these customer services issues prior to placing my order.

Not sure if I'll have any hope of receiving my item.

I received a response from them maybe 3 months after the initial report/ticket.  In order to get my replacement, I was to mail in the broken cup (that I sent photos of).  I decided to not even bother.  The customer service sucks, I have to mail in a raggedy cup to potentially wait 6 months to receive a replacement. Um no.

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