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Customer Service NIGHTMARE

This place is an absolute joke. Buyer beware. Having same problem as others. Lift mug, bottom stays stuck to table, beocken rusted clips that hold bottom to mug. Poor design. Worse service. Dug up a phone number for this place. Called and told them what was happening. Girl says you can send it to us and we will evaluate and decide if we will replace it. Evaluate and decide? Really? And i have to pay to send it to them. Going to cost more than the crappy thing is worth. I ask to speak to someone in charge. Girl puts me on hold and doesnt come back. I hold for about 10 min, hang up and call back. No answer. So they have left for the day with me on hold. What poor poor service. I will never give this company another dollar.
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FOLLOW UP - Might Mug has made good on the problem.  I called back the next day (more about the fact that I was left on hold while everyone left for the day than getting a new mug - that really had me upset).  When I called back, the customer service person I spoke with listened to what happened the previous day and apologized for the poor service.  Then she went on to say that because of the poor service experience, she would replace my broken mug and all I had to do was send her pictures of the broken mug to show what was wrong.  She told me this was to identify that the mug is really theirs and not a knock-off which they apparently have had.  

I am glad this customer service person was so much better than the person who left me on hold the previous day.

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